Ecological approach

A contemporary rental, respectful of the environement.

One day, says the legend, there was a huge forest fire. All the animals were terrified; appalled and helpless, they watched the disaster. Only the wee hummingbird was bustling about, fetching a few drops of water in its beak to throw them on the fire. After a while, the armadillo, upset by all this ridiculous hustle and bustle, said to him: « Hummingbird! Are you crazy? It’s not with a few miniscule drops of water that you’ll put out the fire! »

And the hummingbird replied: « I know, but I’m doing my share. »

Native American legend told by Pierre Rabhi, Ardèche farmer, expert on agroecology

The Mas de Saribou has obtained the label « Ecogîte » (label awarded by Gîtes de France), which corresponds to very demanding environmental criteria of having a minimal impact on the environment from construction to eventual destruction. This concept relies on notions of economy, ecosystems and organic construction. Our ecogîte was largely self-built, with help from local craftsmen.

We used healthy and natural building materials: